Area Code 741

    area code

  • A three-digit number that identifies one of the telephone service regions into which the US, Canada, and certain other countries are divided and that is dialed when calling from one area to another
  • a number usually of 3 digits assigned to a telephone area as in the United States and Canada
  • A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunications to allocate telephone numbers to subscribers and to route telephone calls in a telephone network. A closed numbering plan, such as found in North America, imposes a fixed total length to numbers.
  • The Chinese Telephone Code Plan is the way to group telephone numbers in the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Land lines and mobile phones follow different systems: land lines use area codes, while mobile phones do not.


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area code 741

original npa

original npa
NPA = Numbering Plan Area = Area Code. These were the original assignments.

Original 1947 Area Code Map

Original 1947 Area Code Map
California had as many area codes as Iowa. Oh how times have changed.